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                                       ABOUT ME

       My journey as a therapist was inspired by the healing and freedom I experienced in “the other chair,” as a client when I was in college. I am passionate about coming alongside hurting individuals, with an over-arching belief that we were never meant to do life alone. We all experience difficult seasons in our lives: loss, grief, illness, financial hardship, broken relationships. I believe that one of the most healing acts we can participate in during times of crisis, is that of joining with someone else with whom we can explore the honest and raw parts of our lives, so that we can be more deeply seen and known. We are designed for connection, and when we are connected well, we have great potential to live more fulfilling lives.

     I bring great warmth and care to my relationships with clients. I have a marked sense of respect and honor for each client as a unique individual who has important needs to be attended to and strengths to be valued. As each clients' story is shared in this safe and non-judgmental space, the therapeutic relationship can support the emergence of healing, including a deeper discovery of one’s worth and courage, as well as a greater capacity to connect and embrace imperfections.

     I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Biola University and a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Hope International University. I have worked in a variety of clinical settings where I have worked alongside clients struggling with a variety of issues, ranging from psychiatric hospitals, private practice settings, on church counseling staff, as well as ABA in-home therapy. I am trained in EMDR, (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), the most widely used successful treatment for trauma. I am also certified in Prepare and Enrich, a helpful tool in couples assessment and treatment. My areas of focus include relationship issues (both family and friend), anxiety/depression (including bipolar disorder), identity related issues (including related previous abuse/shame/fear/disconnection), trauma/attachment issues (abuse/neglect/codependence/dissociative features), parenting children of all ages, and special needs children and adults, including parents of children with special needs.

How courageous you are to consider therapy. It is of great value for you to have a space to be you: in your emotions, thoughts, and issues you are facing- right where you are. Therapy is a space for you to process difficulties, in your timing. Through the couragous act of facing the problems in your life, comes much freedom, refreshment, and soul restoration. I would be honored to work with you and I look forward to hearing from you. 



I provide professional counseling to individuals, couples and families seeking healthier relationships with oneself, family, and significant others. 


  I am located in the 1922 charming historical building in Downtown Fullerton, Villa del Sol, on the northwest corner of Wilshire and Harbor, a tranquil oasis with a backdrop suitable for therapeutic healing, insight, and change.    

In the summer of 2019, I was happy to announce the opening of a second office location in Los Alamitos, known for it's small town charm, tucked away just 6 miles from Seal Beach. 

I am dedicated to the process of emotional healing for those in fragile places, for those pursuing further discovery about themselves and their relationships, and for those who place value in intentional and consistent growth in their lives. 


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